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Prepare your taste buds for a new wave of refreshment! White Claw, the world’s number one RTD brand, is now available in Aotearoa. A cultural phenomenon, renowned for its light and crisp taste is available nationwide in three flavours:

Raspberry – A Tangy Delight

Bursting with the natural taste of raspberries, a gentle sweetness followed by a refreshingly sharp bite.

Lime – Citrusy and Zesty

Lime is all about that zingy punch that awakens the senses. A fresh squeeze of zesty lime upfront smoothly transitioning into a slightly sweet and tangy profile.

Mango – Tropical Bliss

Mango is sunshine in a can! Juicy, fruity waves of authentic mango flavours—sweet, but not over the top. 

Welcome to New Zealand, White Claw! 

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