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No one will be upset when you crack a bottle of rosé at a BBQ & lucky for you, rosé goes with so, so many summer foods. Think seafood, BBQ’d courgette or eggplant, goats cheese, feta, tomatoes & avocado, as well as perfectly in season berries & cream.


Cheeses & cured meats – we’d go for lighter flavoured or salty cheeses like goats cheese or feta

Bruschetta with prosciutto, rocket & ricotta or tomato, mozzarella, basil

Anchovies, olives, hummus


Beetroot & feta salad

Tomato, feta, avocado salad

Pasta salad – with tomatoes feta, even bacon

Salad Nicoise

A spicy corn & black bean salsa


Grilled veges – eggplant, courgette, asparagus

Seafood – prawns, salmon, tuna, grilled fish

Grilled Chicken

Spicy Mexican, Indian or Thai marinades


Stone fruit & summer berries

Meringues or light cakes – such as a vanilla sponge


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