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Luckily, RTD’s have come along way since the alco-pops of the 90’s. Now they’re perfectly respectable and are made for summer sipping. Around this time of year, a new wave of flavours and brands hit the shelves, hoping to be a summer sell out. These are our picks for 2023!

Alba – With flavours from the original, to coconut & chilli, the folks at Alba believe good drinks should always be made with real ingredients – inspired by authenticity & tradition, these are drinks worth staying up for!

Altos Margarita – As far as trendy drinks go, Margarita’s are top of the list, so it’s no surprise that they filter down to a convenient ready-to-drink. Available now in two flavours – Lime & Watermelon.

Byron Bay Brewery – It’s a big call, trying to get the taste of a creamy cocktail like a Pina Colada into a can, but somehow the folks at Byron Bay have done it. So, if you can’t get there in person, this is the next best thing! Currently available in two flavours – Pina Cola and Lemon Gin Spritz but we’ve heard there’s more on the horizon.

Clean Collective – Sugar free, carb free, gluten free, preservative free, vegan AND made using natural ingredients. These are RTD’s but without any nasties.

Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita – We told you Margs were having a moment! Liquor cabinet staple, Jose Cuervo in ready to drink format. What’s not to love?

Kirin Hyoketsu – Say it with us, then repeat…Hi-yo-ket-su. You’ll be seeing it a lot and probably saying it a lot because it’s delicious! It’s vodka, soda & lemon, but not as you know it.

Long White – Four of their best-selling flavours, now available in a 7% abv slimline can. Need we say more?

Major Major – Starting off with just whisky, they added some vodka options to the mix, and now there’s even a bourbon & a tequila! Light & refreshing is how summer will look this year with Major Major!

Odd Company – We’ve said it before & we’ve said it again, we love a mixed pack & it seems Odd Company do too! Check out the new Citrus, Tropical & Berry mixed packs, including never-seen-before flavours and some old faves.

Pals – We can’t write an article about RTD’s & not mention Pals, right? There’s nothing beige about the new beige flavour (pink guava & lime), and they’re even branching out to tequila. Summer’s not summer without Pals.

Scapegrace – With award winning Gin, Vodka & Single Malt Whisky, and now a picturesque custom built distillery there’s no question that their RTD range is up to scratch. We can personally recommend the Pomegranate & Doris Plum, but there are no duds. They’re all good.

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