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A lifetime’s winemaking exploration ventured down paths unknown to discover exotic new possibilities; and in pursuit of one thing, something else altogether was found. Going against the grain, this is a true grape-based gin made from the spirit of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Strange Nature finds its origins in, or rather out of, 0% alcohol New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wine. Using innovative spinning cone technology, the alcohol is gently extracted from the wine while preserving the natural aromas and flavours. This clean white spirit is then distilled with the only botanical Strange Nature needs, the one that defines gin - juniper - providing an unexpected taste profile. Less is more, and you can really taste it!

Strange Nature bears all the quintessential natural flavours of its New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc origins - aromatic and fruity; part tropical and zesty, part herbaceous. Enjoy sweet notes and savoury hits in every sip.

Try over ice, with a spritz of soda or the classic Gin & Tonic. Serve in a wine or balloon glass - the bowl-like shape captures the aromatics & the long stem will help keep your gin cold.