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We’re big fans of keeping things easy, being mindful of price & making sure the hosts actually get to hang out with their guests. Here’s our picks for casual summer entertaining:

Turkish bowls - Guests can fill their bowls with salads you can make ahead of time like a herb & lemon cous cous, beetroot & carrot plus classic salad greens, with tzatziki, garlic yogurt & hummus. Serve with flat breads, kebabs, meatballs or falafel.

Pulled meat – You really can’t go past pulled pork or lamb, with a tasty, zingy coleslaw to cut through the meat, served with buns or sliders. Condiments and sides are key – hot sauce, pickles, corn on the cob, green beans & BBQ sauce.

Taco’s or tostada’s – Fill the table with bowls of corn & black bean salsa, guacamole, sour cream dip, tomato salsa, salad greans, lime pickled onions, hot sauce & jalepeno’s, with stacks of soft taco’s or tostadas.

Burgers – these can be your classic beef, with a spread of ingredients for your guests to build their own, exactly how they like it – cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickles, beetroot. Or try these cominbations – beer battered fish with homemade tartare & finely shredded iceberg, juicy chicken with satay sauce, carrot & cucumber, or a beetroot & chickpea burger with onion relish & rocket.