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Create a charcuterie (or dessert) board your guests will love in just a few easy steps! First, you’ll need a slab of something sturdy for serving (make sure it’s food safe!).

  1. Mentally divide your board into quadrants & start with the meat. Place different types of meat, or divide the meat up into the 4 sections of the board. Play around with presentation - you can roll them up or make swirls, fold them in half then stack them together. The most important thing is that they’re easy to pick up off the plate (i.e not still in flat rows like in the packaging!)
  2. Next up is cheese! Place the cheeses next to the meats that make the most sense as a pairing – eg ham & brie. For hard cheeses, it might be best to pre slice some of them so it’s easier to grab when the board is full. For soft cheese, cut a wedge out
  3. Nestle in the condiments! Add the likes of pickles, olives, honey or relish in small bowls or jars. Again – think about which cheese/meat they go with best & place them nearby.
  4. Fill in the gaps! Crackers, bread, pretzels, fruit, vegetables, nuts, chocolate – they don’t all have to stick together, aim to spread out colour & scatter things where they fit.

For dessert platters, you can follow the same methodology – in place of meat, it could be small pieces of brownie, meringues, mini donuts or macroons. Then dips & sauces & fill in the gaps with marshmellows, fruit & chocolate. Easy!